Winner Announcement of International Cartoon Carricature Contest 2019

On Monday, February 24, 2020, located at Hotel Werdhapura, Sanur, Bali has been held the final Judging & Cartoon Contest International Caricature 2019 (International Cartoon and Caricature 2019) with the theme of Green Optimistic Indonesia with total Participants of 298 people with 1226 works from 47 countries.  The pageant was held by the Cross-Cultural Organization headed by Raja Asdi and lasted from 01 November 2019 to 31 January 2020.

The jury consisting of Yere Agusto (jury coordinator), Yehana SR, Jango Pramartha, and Remy Sylado have chosen the winners carefully covering the Technical, Aesthetic, Idea, Originality, and Authenticity aspects of each race category with the following results:


  1. Forest and Land Fire Category

Winner : Muchid Rahmat – Indonesia

  1. Plastic Waste Category

Winner : Hooman Tahvildar Akbary – Iran


  1. Illegal Logging Category

Winner : Valentin Druzhinin – Russia


  1. National Movement for River Restoration Category

Winner : Luc Descheemaeker Belgium



Note :

The work of Luc Descheemaeker was elected as the winner despite similarities to his winning work at the Moroccon Cartoon Contest 2018, with the following considerations:

  1. From the viewpoint of a jury, Luc Descheemaeker is the best among other cartoonist works included in the category of the National Movement of The River Basin Restoration in this cartoon contest.
  2. In the rules set forth in International Cartoon & Carricature Contest Green Optimism Indonesia does not mention the work included in the contest must be the latest or have never won a similar cartoon contest anywhere.
  3. The work of Luc Descheemaeker which was included in this cartoon contest is not 100% the same as the one which won the Moroccan contest. There have been additions (sickle Grim Reaper) and hand, so the jury’s opinion is said to be a refinement of the previous work.
  4. In the view of the jury, works that are not allowed to enter the contest are plagiarism or plagiarism 100% of other cartoonist works.
  5. In this category, after a disagreement between the judges, a vote is taken. Juri Yere Agusto (Surabaya), Remy Sylado (Jakarta) and Jango Pramartha (Denpasar) have chosen to still win the work of Luc Descheemaeker (Belgium). Meanwhile, Yehana SR (Magelang) chooses to refuse.




Second Prize Morrocon Cartoon Contest 2018                             Winner GNPDAS Category ICCC GOI 2019


  1. Climate Change Category

Winner : Sukriyadi Sukartoen – Indonesia


  1. The Benefits Category of Peatlands

Winner : Furqon Elwe – Indonesia


  1. Natural Charms of Indonesia

Winner : Mohammad Hossein Akbari – Iran

In addition to the seven winners, the jury has agreed to choose 2 (two) winners of the Tourism Prize to the National Park in Indonesia, namely:

  1. Furqon Elwe – Indonesia

A tour gift to Sebangau National Park, Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan

  1. Luc Descheemaeker – Belgia

A tour gift to Sebangau National Park, Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan


This concluded the judging program, which we make carefully and remain, and cannot be bothered by any party. Furthermore the jury handed over the minutes of the event to the Organizer of the Cross-Cultural Organization with the responsible Raja Asdi, to announce and give the gift as it should.

The jury is not responsible for anything related to the prize winner of International Cartoon & Carricature Contest – Green Optimism Indonesia 2019.




Sanur, February 24, 2020

Board of jury